A professional building cleaning services equipped with experience, capable human resources, and quality-control systems.


We provide premier cleaning services to your office and keep your office’s environment more welcoming.


We render clean and hygienic communal areas improve residents morale and gives the housing management a good reputation.

Tea Lady

We typically filter our tea lady to ensure only the best assign to your office.


Acteef Cleaning Specialists Pte Ltd was incorporated in August 1986, with Cleaning Business License Number NEA150101M/1692Z/R02. We are one of the leading contractors in the field of cleaning today. Our Company has an impressive track record in providing cleaning services to the commercial, industrial and residential sectors in Singapore over the past thirty years.

Total Client Commitment

Our Company's success stem from our corporate philosophy. "Total Commitment to our Client" which has been hallmark of our organization. For our consistent quality, service performance and management systems our Company have achieved various of certification and recognition such as ISO 9001:2009, ISO 14001: 2004 OHSAS 18001:2007, BizSAFE Star and NEA CLean Mark Silver Awards.

Our exemplary service are productive and results orientated, thus creating new enviromental benchmarks. Many of our established clients are very satisfied and impressed with our well-designed systems, procedures and quality of our work, that they have chosen to retain our services for many years.

Our Dedicated Employees

Our Total commitment concept does not stop with clients but also extended to our employees as well. From a start of a mere handful of employees, Acteef is today forefront with a workforce exceeding 300 employees.

Acteef recognizes that human capital is our most valueable asset. Our commitment to our employees begins with the careful screening of those with potentials and then followed by the necessary induction and training programs to impart the require knowledge, competency and our corporate philosophy to our cleaners.

Enviromental Sustainability

In Acteef Cleaning Specialists Pte Ltd, we recognize the business could potentially bring negative impact to the enviroment. We Always strive to better understand both the direct and indirect impact that our practices may have on the enviroment Our Management regularly review our business practices, and determine whether each practice is suitable in an enviromental context, including purchasing enviromentally-friendly products, biodegradable chemicals and energy saving mahineries.

The company acknowledges a responsibility to the enviroment, and we express our commitment towards implementing practices which will promote enviromental sustainability



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